In 2018, Melbourne-based textile designer Sarah Nedovic combined her love of design and sculpture with the practicality of lighting a space. Drawn to the timeless art form of ceramics, she creates sculptural lamps made of clay.

Sarah makes every sculpture by hand, which means each one is a little bit different, and has its own imperfections and character. Using this robust and malleable product, she has kept markings from her fingers and sculpting tools visible to show the hand-crafted nature of the shapes.

The sculptures are named after significant women in history, for example Lady ’75 is named after the late sculptor Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975).

These beautiful ceramic pieces incorporate electrical hardware into the design so they can function as lamps. Each is unique, made for others to light up in their own space.

Each lamp is approximately 50-60cm tall (excluding shade). The height of the lamps may vary slightly because of the unpredictable shrinkage of the clay during the firing process and the handmade nature of the piece. 

All ceramic lamps are made to order. Please email info@sarahnedovic.com for further information.